STAR (Music)

Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts
2013 – 2014
Print Design

Design work for Music faction of Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts (STAR), since 2013.

Connecting the Stars

This research publication contains essays written by teachers on teaching music.

The idea behind this design is the research often entails making sense of lots of scattered pieces of information, and presenting the disparate parts to form a cohesive thesis.

For the cover design, the random letters are scattered across the cover and back cover. The spot UV varnish highlights the letters in the grid, revealing that the title is actually embedded within the grid.

Engaging with Songs

A Resource Kit for Music teachers ? A handy tote bag full of books to aid Music Teachers in their lessons. We proposed a non-woven tote bag to house all the books and a deck of cards.
The overall look took its cue from the STAR logo, and expanded the dots in the design into musical symbols. The books are colour-coded for quick identification, and ring-bound for easy flipping.

Essays in Music Foreword Pedagogical Research: Student-Centricity in the 21st Century

With all sorts of research, we have to re-look the subject and data, look at it from all angles and ways to arrive at valuable insights. In this spirit, we take the title of the research publication and rotate, flip and reflect the letters to create a typeface that is made up of these transformed letters. Each letter is still recognisable as a character, even though it has been re-looked in a new and exciting way.

Music Compendium

During a discussion with the client, the idea of Legos (plastic construction toys) was came up ? The idea of Lego being the basic building blocks for large and fantastic structures was exciting and visually appealing. This mirrored the ideas in the booklet itself, where ideas start of as building blocks that create something much more significant than its individual components. We took a step back and designed it around the idea of ?buildings blocks?. Reducing it to a 3D box that stacks up , down left and right, infinitely, we also added the idea of ?unboxing?, where the topics and ideas are ?unboxed? for the reader.