Mastery, Meritocracy & YOU

Ministry of Education
Print Design

This is publication designed and printed for the Higher Education & SkillsWork Plan Seminar on 31 May 2016. The contents includes a programme guide for the seminar, notable statistics and facts about the education sector, and also triggers for ideation and discussion during the breakout segments of the seminar. 


A unique logotype was designed for the title.


Illustrations made up a big part of the design. Four different occupations were illustrated, and shown in different scenarios.

Flip pages

A fun aspect of this publication was designing the flip book component of the design. Portions of the pages of the booklet were cut into strips of 4. As can be seen in the GIF, the interactive part is being able to flip, and mix-and-match different strips of the characters drawn to create new occupations by crossing the disciplines and scenarios. 

Doodle yourself!

Practical considerations were made in the production discussion. Woodfree paper is used to allow the participants to take notes and really be engaged in the process, especially towards the end where they doodle their future selves. Wire-O ring binding was used so that the flipping would be easy and the book let could easily lay flat.

This project was also notable for its short design and production time; from appointment to printing took less than 1 month.