Light & Movement: The Art of Anthony Poon

Singapore Art Museum
Print Design

Light & Movement: The Anthony Poon Retrospective was held at the Singapore Art Museum from the 5th of September 2009 to 10th of January 2010. This was also the first exhibition by the National Art Gallery for the late artist.

We met the family of Anthony Poon as early as 2008, to get a feel for the project. Present also was the curator, Ong Zhen Min, Ken, the photographer. It was certainly meaningful to meet the family and have a look at various objects and photographs that Mr. Poon acculmulated through the years. We learnt much about the man through these sessions, and not just about his artworks, but his personal life as well.


The design of the book was very much inspired by the title of the exhibition: Light & Movement. The book, at almost 150 pages, was large and heavy. We chose an image of his work which best embodied the title. Untitled, a large sculptural painting, is a signature of his. We incorporated the typeface Avant Garde used by Mr. Poon himself, when he designed a catalogue for himself.

Exhibition Graphics