Life Before Death

Lien Foundation
2010 – 2011
Web Design
Web Development

Part of the Life Before Death initiative, we worked on two of their micro-sites – Happy Coffins & Last Outfit.

Happy Coffins

Happy Coffins takes a light hearted approach towards the sombre issue of coffins. Both artists and the public were invited to create a ?Happy Coffin?. At its basic level, it can be read simply as a ?decoration? of one?s final home. But as we looked through the entries, themes started surfacing which reveals approaches to death ? some related it with religious motifs, others a take on virtual social life, while some played on the puns of death.

Last Outfit

Last Outfit tackles the taboo of death in a light-hearted manner ? the shroud. Participants were asked what they wanted to wear at their final act. More than just fashion choices, they are also a last communication with your friends and family, what you want them to remember you as.

8 photographers from The Straits Times captured 23 subjects attired in the final fashion statements of their choice. And as much as the ?models? had to put thought into their Last Outfits, this was also a thought-provoking exercise for the photographers.