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Light Collective is probably one of our busiest clients. The UK based group do really cool projects from secret parties to lighting workshops with a social cause to private beach houses. (We envy their calendar!) They had a one page website, but they write for several blogs, run some of their own, including a T-shirt store, and tweet avidly (we told you they were busy). The design approach for their new website was naturally to bring all their online and offline activities into one big smorgasbord.

860 lines of CSS, many emails and one year later, we are ready to launch the site. And boy, do we like it!

Since the site launch in 2011, Light Collective has started new and interesting side projects, which usually means a minor revamp once a year to showcase their works coherently. The result is a close relationship with the client, and carefully pruned site.

Diagram of web content
As the initial site map was very large with many external links, the approach was to try to feed in the external content back to the website.
Collected Light
The inspiration came from the iconic album cover for Pink Flyod?s Dark Side of the Moon. Reversing this process, the refracted spectrum is collected back into a single ray of white light. (Light Collective vs. Collected Light) Hurhur.
Diagram of content
We then separated the content into three buckets denoted by the primary colours of the light spectrum, which in turn join together to form Collected Light.
A mashboard presents a platter of latest online & offline activities. It also serves as the fill-ins in the home page.
A world map of collaborators, which were in turn linked to Projects.
The Project page details their concept, result and collaborators.
External blogs were integrated into the site using RSS, reducing the need for double-entry.