SA Capability Profiles

Singapore Institute of Architects
2007 – 2014
Print Design

SA Magazine (Singapore Architects, a bi-monthly architectural magazine) has a Special Issue every end of the year. The content of the Special Issue comprises of a directory of architecture firms, and also up-to-date information & images of their new projects.

Typically, the past SA Special Issues were the same size as the main magazine; around A4 size. During our discussion with the client, we agreed this Special Issue should be more handy-sized. The previous years’ issues were categorized alphabetically, this year the client requested they be divided by firm sizes instead. The strengths and capabilities of the firms would be detailed as well, hence, the SA Special was also re-named the Capability Profile. 

To really mark this departure, apart from the size of the new issue, the design and layout was revamped as well. The firms’ capabilities were now represented by icons, and the content was printed mainly with white text on black background.