NUS Giving Work-in-progress

Print Design

This project involved designing a visual identity for a fundraising campaign for NUS Giving. The design brief given was to show that anyone could aid NUS students in growing and fulfilling their full potential. The student is very much a 'work-in-progress', and every contribution would help them in their education journey. The deliverables included print flyers, magazine ads, and digital banners. 

The design features hand-drawn illustrations along with photographs of objects. The student is still in a sketchy state, with the tangible objects like laptop and mortarboard depicted as photographs. This reflects the idea of the student being a 'work-in-progress'.

Key Visual

The key visual consists of the hand-drawn illustrations, messaging, and call-to-action.

Web Banners

Key visuals applied onto web banners in various configurations

Expanding the design

The design style was also adapted to case study content with illustrations of actual recipients, and also an info sheet of facts & figures.


The design was also adapted as a print ad in the AlumNUS magazine.