NUS Arts Festival 2021

NUS Center for the Arts
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"NUS Arts Festival 2021: A Question of Time pursues meaning and manner in the relationship between humans and Time. Given the unique nature of the times in which we are living, when a global pandemic has affected all areas of human activity, it is an opportune moment to reflect on how our concept of objective time and subjective or social time within this particular unprecedented season may lead to better understanding as to how our past and our present are connected to our future."

The NUS Arts Festival is an annual month-long event which showcases faculty and practising local and international artists alongside the best student performers. For 2021, the theme was 'A Question of Time'. We created the festival identity and designed the website, print, environment and digital graphics.


Time is a man-made concept. Depending on our perception, Time can be long, short, fast, slow, quick, sluggish, etc. A flexible font was chosen (GT FLEXA) to graphically present such ideas of variation. Within the same logotype, there are many forms of the font. Thick, thin, wide, narrow, stretched, etc.


Flyer design for distribution. The festival identity further develops with the very literally use of a clock face to reflect the ideas of time. Time can run away, and time can be convoluted.


The website is available at


Sticker designs for telegram.


Totebags and tshirts


Lots of banners, totems, and vinyl walls displayed around campus to create a buzz.

Videos & GIFS

Short videos for opening and closing of the festival, and a seasons greeting.