Light Collective

Light Collective
2011 – 2018
Web Design

Websites for Light Collective, a unique UK-based lighting consultancy with an international portfolio that includes architectural lighting design, art installations, creative marketing, exhibitions, trade shows, films and community projects.

We first met with them in 2010, and have since collaborated on 5 projects since, all remotely!

2010 Website

Due to the collaborative and curious nature of Light Collective, their web presence in pre-2010 was a collection of Twitter, a T-shirt+merch shop, videos and at least 4 blogs (for various project collaborations)! Our task was to create a website which will pull in data from these various sites and reflect their design approach.

2018 Website

8 years on, LC decided there was a need to reorganise how they want their (immense) portfolio to be presented, so we worked together on redesigning a responsive and streamlined site.