Japan Media Arts Festival

Singapore Art Museum
Print Design

To design the print & exhibition collaterals for the Japan Media Arts Festival exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum 8Q. More information about the exhibition can be found here. This being a traveling exhibition of the CG-ARTS society, some of the design elements like the title logo had to be used.

The first design that we used for one of the early collaterals (a print advert in Singapore Art Gallery Guide) was a black & white piece showcasing Nagato Tetsuya’s terrific artwork. This design was inspired by old Japanese Kimono Pattern books.

For the rest of the print materials, another of Nagota Tetsuya’s artwork was used as the promo image. The text pages of the catalogue was colour-coded into sections with yellow, pink , red and green, and reflects the different categories of the works, Sophisticated Craftsmanship, Interactive Trans-fusion and Narrative Images.

The exhibition opens on 21 Nov and continues till 14 Dec 2008 at 8Q Sam.