Focus on Paper

Singapore Tyler Print Institute
Print Design

To design print collaterals for an exhibition showcasing the works of Lin Tian Miao, a Chinese artist renowned for her haunting portraits. Collatorals included invitation cards, catalogues, wall text, and banners.

Lin Tian Miao’s work has a certain haunting quality about it. The monotones and slight shifts in shades and tones create a very muted and haunting effect. We hoped to compliment this effect by designing in the same way. The titles in the collaterals a muted and distinct colour shift in the text, and the interior text of the catalogue is in grey tones as well. The catalogue contains 21 images, and 3 gate-fold pages to better showcase the larger-format works. The work was cropped in such a way that it seems as if the work itself were ‘hung’ on the ‘walls’ of the catalogue. Colour matching the images of the work were a challenge in itself; the shifts in tones of the grey were slight and very subtle, varying from warm to light in different pieces.