Singapore International Film Festival

Singapore International Film Festival
Web Design

The SIFF team organizes the annual festival. For 2009, with its new team, they decided to go for a new look. The brief was simple: Freshen up the look , and introduce the new team with a bang!

We were tasked to design the identity revamp, the programme booklet, and the website. We were also asked to work with a commissioned artwork for the cover of the book as well. This year, we had the pleasure of using Ang Soo Koon’s artwork.

We were very excited and also pressured at the same time to work on the project. This was the 22nd year that the festival was being held! There is so much history, and also a large audience, so we were a little unnerved by our own expectations in designing the look of it.


For the identity, we focused on the words that resonated most with us about film: ?travel? & ?intimacy?. ?Travel? because films allow us to leave our lives for a little while to experience life through another?s eyes for just a couple of hours. ?Intimacy? because watching a film in the cinema is a shared experience with other people.

With those words in mind, after a couple of revisions we re-designed the main logo. The main number (for the festival) had the ?22? digits close together, with one ?2? overlapping the other ?2?. The text for the ?Singapore International Film Festival? was tweaked from VAG Rounded Bold ? For example, the letters ?A? were tweaked to look like it was drawn from a single (traveling) line, rather than 2 or 3 separate lines.

Publicity materials

The print and web collaterals took its cue from the redesigned logo, using Vag Rounded font, and Avenir for body text. We also had fun playing with the typography and grid system set up for the print materials.

The programme booklet is available at all SISTIC outlets. The event is held from 14th to 25th April 2009.