The Best of UOB

United Overseas Bank
Print Design

The brief was simple: To design a catalogue, invite and also wall stickers for the Best of UOB exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum. This would be an exhibition that commemorates the winners of the past 26 years that the UOB Painting of the Year (POY) has been held. The catalogue included not only the pictures of past paintings, but also a brief pictorial of the many going-ons of the POY exhibition and judging through the years.

The difficulty perhaps was to feature the paintings, but not to give more ‘attention’ to any particular painting in the design. We grappled with the idea of using a single image for the whole look of the design, but in the end, it proved that an ensemble of cropped images of each painting was the best approach. The curator and UOB were pretty open design-wise, but we agreed that for this exhibition, the design take a backseat to the artwork themselves. The fonts selected were carefully chosen to create the strong identity without being particularly stylized nor too distracting.