Stories We Sing

Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts,
Ministry of Education
Print Design

One of our favourite projects! We had the chance to design this publication commissioned by Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts (STAR) back in 2017. The publication is a Teaching Resource for Music teachers in Singapore schools. The book contains information about 12 original songs by Singapore Creatives (lyricists, singer-songwriters and composers). The songs were commissioned by STAR, Ministry of Education.

Illustrator Lee Kow Fong was commissioned to bring the songs to life visually with his lovely illustrations.

It was truly a joy to listen to the songs and get inspired for the design. You can hear the songs here.


For each song, Lee Kow Fong created an original watercolour artwork that embodies its’ spirit. Drawn in familiar local settings, the scenes are populated with his beloved characters. Each song had an original logotype designed.

The CD

A CD is included in the publication, and a customized holder located at the back of the book holds it snuggly.