HERE! Arts Carnival 2019

NUS Center for the Arts

HERE! is a curated showcase of diverse artistic opportunities that are available at NUS. Presented as a feast for the mind and the body, talents from campus and beyond perform across numerous stages while food vendors and other surprises punctuate the event with tasty flavours and other creative experiences.

For 2019, the theme was about Moments. 

Life is a series of moments. Often, we pass through most of them without taking much notice - they just go by. We love to say we ‘live in the moment’, but how often do we do this? How often do we take the time to savour, to feel, to be thoroughly immersed what we are doing and experiencing?

A moment can be many things to many people. It could be the special moment - the one when you feel the click of connection on meeting a new friend; or the ‘aha!’ moment, when you discover a new truth. It could also be a quiet moment that you take for yourself to pause, and reflect before the grind of the new term begins - to meditate on the past, to live in the present, and to contemplate the future.

With this festival, we invite you to spend and make moments with us. At HERE! Arts Carnival, we present a special night of activities to allow us to take a step further in or out of ourselves. Watch performances by some of the best arts talents on campus, participate in interactive arts activities, and discover things about the arts, your friends, and yourself. With a new (academic) year, it’s time to reconnect with old friends, meet new ones, and try new things. 

Make the step, take a moment, for one-night only, HERE! Arts Carnival, One Moment Please.

Initial sketches for proposal

This is the initial sketch we had proposed to encapsulate the theme and spirit of the festival. We wanted to illustrate an exploded camera, which actually houses all the fun activities and people that make up the festival. Cameras capture moments; and having this analog type of camera in an increasingly digital world gives us pause and makes tangible the moment captured on film.

Full final key image

The key image in full colour.


Flyer design with a turquoise background, and a HERE! Logotype.


Monochrome neon green print on dark blue t-shirt.


There was a drawing contest as well behind the flyer. Recipients were encouraged to draw out what HERE! meant to them