Connecting Communities


"Connecting Communities" was more than just a festival; it's a vibrant celebration of Community Engagement and Service, which unfolded from September 18th to 28th, 2023.

At the heart of the visual design lies a simple, yet impactful key visual, spotlighting our logo type. Our design narrative extends beyond the logo, incorporating illustrations depicting community-driven activities, featuring individuals spanning generations and abilities. Zig-zag lines, serving as a recurring motif, infuse a sense of continuity, while cheery elements like the sun and abstract organic shapes add warmth and vitality. Anchored by a color palette in deep blue hues and accentuated by bursts of oranges, pinks, yellows, and teal, our design aims to show vibrancy and inclusivity.

The designs were used mostly in a variety of web applications. Web banners on websites, Instagram posts and templates and a physical pull-up banners were created.

Web Banners

Powerpoint Slides

Instagram posts

Pullup Banner