Pet Projects

We like to read Comic books

Our inaugural issue of BCD was launched on 11th May 2005 during our colleges’ fundraising drive.The title BCD is an abbreviation of Behind Closed Doors. The origin of this title (courtesy of a certain Jane Porter) can be found in the very same issue.

BCD was conceptualized as a book that was made quickly and a little “underground”. The Brief was simple: draw, write, collate, scan, paint, anything, and keep it to the A5 format. There was no editorial influence, or exclusion. Everyone could put in anything they wanted. BCD was a compilation of contributions from our Painting Class in college. Many have gone on to greater things, among them being a flight stewardesses, a few educators, some unemployeds, some designers. So, after all that talk, when’s the next issue coming out? As a major contributor mentioned, it has been “2 Years 2 Months late.” For this issue, we’ll only have 3 contributors: Baoling, Xiaoling and Darrell. There was again, no brief. The 3 of them all drew comics. However, there is an underlying (however unintentional) theme that runs throughout all three. Watch this space for its’ release date. Any day now!